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I am both a photographer and filmmaker. Yes, I know, I do both. I get that question asked a lot. I’ve always had a love for capturing images and telling a story. I was first a photographer, then got into film-making (giving photography a break) and then started doing both. This is why many of my wedding videos are framed similar to how I would photograph them. Indeed, when it comes to anything I ‘film’ I approach it as I would as if i were taking a photograph (albeit with sound).  There are some weeks where I will photograph  a series of events on Wednesday and on Thursday film something. I never have a problem.

Depending on what you need I do:

Photography, which can be wedding, engagements, families, modeling, head-shots, portraits, parties, landscape, architecture, sports, large groups, society and it goes on. If you need a photographer than is flexible enough to shoot just about any event then please give me a call.

Filmmaking, which includes weddings, concerts, live on-stage performances, corporate, industrial, television, sports, webisodes, iMag (i.e. image magnification), and it goes and goes. Planning, storyboarding, production meetings, production shoots, post production, reviews, online dailies. Whatever is needed.

Need a second shooter for either? Call me.

Pricing? I’ve got prices listed on brettalanproductions.com and brettalanphotography.com.  On a budget? Let’s talk to see what can be done. Price is no object? Contact me and tell me your vision.

Travel? Destination? Shoot me an email and tell me what’s up and where it is.

I could go on, but I wanted to write a quick note on what I can do for you. I am always looking for the next challenge.

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Old Poway Park Family Photography featuring The DeBenedictis Family

I love Old Poway Park. So many difference scenes within a short distance. Literally, in a matter of seconds we can go from a green, grassy area to an old style western town to a train station to actual trains! It cannot be beat. High trees keep nice, balanced lighting over the park in the late afternoon. I hope you enjoy these highlights from our Old Poway Park Family Photography session.

 Old Poway Park Family Photography

Old Poway Park Family Photography



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