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Grace & Peace

In the continuing ‘Outreach’ project we filmed a series of messages with Pastor Miles DeBenedictis of Cross Connection Church in Escondido, California. In this message he talks about grace, peace and the Apostle Paul.

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Cross Talk | Episode 1

“Cross Talk” is the brainchild of Cross Connection Escondido Pastor Miles DeBenedictes. It is an ongoing web discussion series (which will also be broadcast on their weekly television show) that will go over a variety of subjects. Here is the first segment we filmed with Pastor Miles and Pastor Josh.

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Cross Connection Church’s new TV Show Opener: ‘We Are Cross Connection’

This year the staff of Calvary Chapel Escondido changed the name of the church to ‘Cross Connection Escondido’. Senior Pastor Miles DeBenedictis came to me and said he wanted a new vision. He wanted artistic filmmaking to get deliver the message of the Gospel. As many of you know I am one of the Vice Presidents of Masterwork Media. Combining our media talents Brett Alan Films and Masterwork Media began pre-production on a series of shorts designed around ‘We Are Cross Connection’. This segment is the first of many.

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